How It All Started

Have you ever wondered how exactly the Shamong Diner became what it is today? Well even if you haven’t, here is a short history of the Shamong Diner throughout the years. Starting from its humble beginning as a coffee shop, to the bustling and busy restaurant it is now. (And if you don’t believe us, try finding a seat here on a Sunday morning!) But about 42 years ago, a tiny gas station off of Rt. 206 had a modest coffee shop. Any travelers passing through Shamong could stop for a warm cup of coffee at Indian Mills Coffee Shop and expect a friendly local face.

For more than 20 years Indian Mills Coffee Shop gave the community a comforting gathering place. Eventually the coffee shop was renovated and became the Shamong Diner. Years passed by before a seasoned chef, Manny Monteiro, took ownership of the diner. That was in 2006! In the several years since then, Manny has given his all into making the diner the local social hotspot that it was back in the day. His background in various cuisines, culinary expertise, and dedication to the local community give customers an unforgettable experience. By offering superb, homemade food and quality service, the Shamong Diner invites all its guests to take part in the history of the community and enjoy the hospitality and experience it has to offer. Stop by and check us out!